Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (Alzheimer Hellas)

The Greek Association of Alzheimer Disease and Relative Disorders (Alzheimer Hellas) is a non for profit organization that was founded in 1995, by relatives of patients suffering from Alzheimer Disease as well as by doctors of all specialties - mainly by Neurologists and Psychiatrists and also by other experts (such as psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, etc) that deal with the problems caused by this disease and by other types of dementia.Today, Alzheimer Hellas operates 2 Day Care Centres in Thessaloniki and has over 4.000 members. The first Day Care Center for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease was established in 2007, and encompasses a Day center for caregivers and a home care unit. In October 2009 we expanded our services with the creation of a new Day Care Center. Both Day Care Centers were implemented within the Frames of the operational program “Health – Provision 2000-2006” with the co- financing of the European Union and the Greek Ministry of Health.

 The mission of the Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease is:
·         the early diagnosis of dementia by scientists

·         the  promotion of research

·         education and training for all the stakeholders

·         the development of Care Units for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

·         the provision of useful information and advise (24hour help-line) on dementia problems (caring, legal or financial issues)

·         the presentation of lectures by health professionals and informal carers, covering all aspects of Alzheimer Disease

·         and the development of professional seminars during the whole year.


The association’s aim is to offer advices concerning the care of the patients, information and services for the people affected and their families. Also, to offer mutual help to the family members of the patients in order to reduce the social, economic and emotional cost deriving from the long care of people suffering from dementia. Lastly, the association attempts to publicize the social needs of the population affected and to inform the public in order to be acquainted with the problem.


The services provided to patients with dementia are


  • neuropsychological assessment and diagnosis
  • physiotherapy
  • physical exercise
  • educational programmes for patients with early dementia.
  • cognitive therapies programme
  • psychotherapeutic programmes


The cognitive therapies consist of memory, attention and language enhancement programmes

  • attention and language exercises through PC
  • reality orientation in current events
  • cognitive tasks, cognitive exercises for illiterate patients
  • cognitive music-therapy etc


 The psychotherapeutic programmes include


  • stress management techniques
  • Passive music-therapy
  • art therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • reminiscence
  • relaxation techniques programme
  • mental imagery therapy and
  • counseling for patients with early dementia


The services provided to caregivers are

  • family therapy
  • individual counselling
  • educational programme
  • relaxation techniques programme
  • support groups and counselling


The team of care at home is consisted of a Doctor, a Dentist, a Psychologist and a Social Worker. The objective of this team is to implement visits in houses of patients with dementia of final stage or less advanced stage that for various reasons are not able to reach the center. Main concern of the team is the permanent education of the caregivers as well as the clarification of queries about the disease and the learning of simple dexterities that can improve effectively the daily care of the patient and the quality of life of the caregiver.  


Contact Details:


Alzheimer’s Day Care Unit “Saint Helen”

13 Petrou Sindika str., 54643, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel.:+30 2310 810411, Fax : +30 2310 925802


Alzheimer’s Day Care Unit “Saint John”

164 K. Karamanli str., 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tel.:+30 2310 351451-5, Fax : +30 2310 351456


Helpline: +30 2310 909000 (24/7)


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FB: AlzheimerHellas

Twitter: @AlzheimerHellas

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